The complete software solution.

Prescribe, design and manufacture foot orthoses with LaserCAM Orthotics.

Multiple manufacturing methods.

Machined EVA.

Design foot orthoses and generate files for CNC machining.

3D Printed.

Design print-ready watertight STL files that your 3D printer will love.

Vacuum Formed.

Generate foot-positives for CNC machining for vacuum forming.

Australian partners.

International partners.


Generate digital prescriptions to submit to a compliant laboratory partner, or your own lab.

Industry leading 3D scanners.

3D Clinical Scanning.

Our LaserCAM VPS scanners is designed for in-clinic foot capture.


Our lab scanners capture the inside of casts. No more pouring plaster in the lab.

Growing user community.

"LaserCAM Orthotics is the only orthotic creation software that promotes repeatable methodology that is in the best interests of the profession and my patient's."
Daniel Bagnall
Podiatrist & Laboratory Owner
"My lab assistant told me that setting up a CNC-based lab was 10 times easier than he thought it was going to be. We wish we had done it 10 years earlier."
Leanne Fitzgerald
Podiatrist & Laboratory Owner