We want a community of users that are well informed on the processes involved in manufacturing orthoses using CADCAM technologies. Our software runs on a free license with the hope that this will increase the exposure of clinicians and students to CADCAM technologies, while at the same time provide a level of transparency with regard to the processes involved from 3D scan capture to clinical dispense.


Our mission is to provide highly accurate, powerful and scalable CADCAM systems to podiatrists and orthotic laboratories. It is our mission to utilise evidence-based methodologies and open-loop hardware to assist users in making decisions that best benefit their patients and business. We want to build a community of users that help each other achieve the best possible outcomes.

"Our aim is to change the way orthoses are manufactured on a global scale by helping increase exposure of clinicians to CADCAM technologies."

Anthony Dwyer, Managing Director


We don't lock clinicians or laboratories into using our product. We believe decisions should reflect best possible clinical outcomes for patients. So what do we mean by open-loop? Simply put, an open-loop system does not lock a user in. Health care services should always be open-loop. We want our users to make decisions that improve clinical outcomes.


Each orthosis model is generated from a 3D foot scan. We utilise clinical reference measurements that are captured clinically with full-colour 3D scan formats. By utilising well-defined references and individual 3D scan data we can more effectively quantify the 'dosage' of change across specific segments of the foot orthosis.