Introducing Prescribe.

An easy to manage and install digital prescription platform for your customers.

Configure for your lab.

Easily activate 3D printed, machined EVA and vacuum formed options for your customers. Configuring materials is easy, and updating is automatic for your customers.

Integrate your existing 3D scanners.

Prescribe will allow VRML and STL scan formats to be directly imported. If your clients already use existing 3D scanner hardware, it will likely be supported.

LaserCAM VPS integration.

Your customers can connect a LaserCAM VPS 3D scanner and send your lab 3D scans in full colour captured using a gold-standard method. Your lab technicians will love it.

Reduce labour with built in support.

Prescribe allows you to customise the built in support content. We even provide our complete knowledge base at no cost, saving new labs hundreds of hours.

Secure and unlimited storage¹.

Prescribe uploads digital prescriptions and 3D scans directly to your labs LaserCAM Cloud, meaning there are no messy emails or paper scripts to deal with.
¹Please contact us directly for pricing information regarding our LaserCAM Cloud Order Management System (OMS).

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