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Angus Brewin Podiatrist & Lab Owner

"We have tried several software packages, but none are more user-friendly, accurate and flexible than the LaserCAM Orthotics software suite. With this software you get truly anatomical devices that give the practitioner the maximum amount of precision and control. LaserCAM Orthotics software works with a wide variety of 3D scanners and file formats making it flexible for labs who have podiatrists sending different forms of foot capture technology. The software is updated regularly and feedback for improvement is taken on board."

Daniel Bagnall Podiatrist & Lab Owner

"I have been successfully using LaserCAM Orthotics software to manufacture custom orthoses both in-house and commercially. I have prescribed well over one hundred pairs now using the software and there has been quite a dramatic improvement in clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and patient compliance. I attribute this to the fact that LaserCAM is the only orthotic creation software that promotes repeatable methodology that is in the best interests of the profession and the patient. Based on my own personal experience I also believe the contouring I am able to achieve is superior in all aspects to what I was able to achieve with polypropylene. I believe that the surface topography more closely resembles an individuals foot morphology, as opposed to line of best-fit library-based shaping. Lastly, switching from polypropylene to EVA was difficult to get my head around at first, but has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The material is easily and quickly adjustable, which has enabled me to adjust orthoses on a whole different level. This has significantly improved patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, thus giving me greater confidence in prescription and overall satisfaction as a podiatrist. I would, without a doubt, highly recommend this sytem to any podiatrist or laboratory looking for an in-house solution."

Leanne Fitzgerald Podiatrist & Lab Owner

"My technicians absolutely love the system as they converted from a traditional manufacturing technique. My lab assistant told me that setting up a CNC lab was 10 times easier than he thought it was going to be. We wish we had done it 10 years earlier as it’s one of the best things that we have ever done for our business. We now prescribe and manufacture 100% EVA orthoses. Since buying the system we have never plaster cast again and our patient compliance has been far higher. Depending on the density of EVA we can cater for each and every patient and our orthoses fit very well into a variety of different footwear. We are so confident in our new techniques that we are now selling off and disposing of our old equipment that we previously used to make polypropylene devices. We are spending less time in the laboratory manufacturing and the time turnaround for the patients is much better. We also have more reproducible outcomes and we can be sure that repeat prescriptions will not deviate as all of the files are machined using a highly accurate CAM process. We have had endless support from the LaserCAM Orthotics team. They have been open and honest and we couldn’t have done it without them. It’s been terrific that they have been able to show us what we are truly capable of."

Nick Barnes Podiatrist

"The EVA orthotics produced using the LaserCAM software from Cad Cam Orthotics are years ahead of other labs that we have previously used. They are truly a custom-made fit for every client. A large degree of confidence, with regards to my clinical utilisation of orthotic therapy, returned to me due to this company and their time training me in orthotic manufacturing processes."

Trent Baker Podiatrist & Lab Owner

"What a revelation it was to use this design program and go through the on-site course these guys provided to understand their design and production process. The other design software we have used has always been a little restrictive. LaserCAM gives us an entirely new level of design and control over the sort of orthoses we produce for our patients. I'd strongly advise anyone who has aspirations of milling their own devices to look into the LaserCAM product. It's well worth your time."